Wampum Large Two Hearts Pendant

Wampum Jewelry

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  • Metal: Sterling Silver
  • Material: Wampum - Quahog Shell
  • Length:  1 1/4"
  • Width:  1 1/4"

This seashell jewelry is made from the purple part of the Quahog Clam Shell, “Mercenaria mercenaria.” This shell has a time tested cultural significance to the American Indians of northeastern North America. Designs of white (wompampeage) and purple (suckauhock) beads are prized by the American Indian as a symbol of wealth, power and are used to sanctify their wedding vows. After Dutch, English and French contact the word “Wampum” was used for both the purple and white part of the shell in the form of tubular beads. Wampum became a medium of trade for 250 years (1609 - 1860) and was legal tender currency in many areas during this period. We continue this long tradition by making beautiful Wampum - Quahog jewelry for you to wear and enjoy.

Due to the nature of shell jewelry, each item is unique and the piece you receive may look different than the one pictured here.