Sterling Silver Mammoth Ivory Mosaic Oval Pendant

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  • Metal: Sterling Silver
  • Material: Mammoth Ivory
  • Length: 1 1/4"
  • Width: 5/8"

The Woolly Mammoth was a large prehistoric creature which roamed the earth over 25,000 years ago. Resembling our modern day elephant they had long shaggy coats and large curved tusks which often exceeded 10 feet in length. Now extinct, their remains are occasionally unearthed in the northern hemisphere with their long ivory tusks intact. Over the years ivory has taken on a variety of colors including tans and greys which give it a unique grain. Scarce and difficult to work, this ivory makes a unique piece of jewelry with a history all its own.

As this is natural stone jewelry, each item is unique and the piece you receive may look different than the one pictured here.