Sapta Matrikas Small Rectangle Patri Amulet

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  • Metal: Silver
  • Length: 1"
  • Width: 1"

The antique silver amulet, or patri, is anchored in an ancient Indian tradition of village and tribal art. This is rural art that has given a voice to women, to the tribe, and to the lowest caste villager. The icons are about connection with nature as well as connection with the vital energy of creation. Traditionally, amulets have been objects that were thought to bestow the owner with the properties, powers and protection of the deities that they represented.

This antique silver Sapta Matrikas amulet depicts the seven protective divine mothers. Though the number of these goddesses is generally given as seven, the list of goddesses who comprise the group varies. The ‘mothers’ are seen as shaktis of several principal Hindu gods. This amulet is traditionally given to children to ward off childhood ailments.