Narragansett Rune Stone Pendant

Annabel Humber

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The installation of the Narragansett Rune Stone in Wickford Village inspired designer Annabel Humber to come up with a unique sterling silver pendant to commemorate the stone’s new home. Shrouded in mystery since its’ discovery off Pojac Point in 1984, the origins of the stone have been hotly contested. Ms. Humber’s pendant is inscribed with the runes in the order that they appear on the actual stone. The center of the piece features a traditional Scandinavian runic Viking symbol.

  • Metal: Sterling Silver
  • Finish: Polished / Antiqued
  • Length:  1 1/4"
  • Width:  1"

Annabel Humber graduated from Carisle Art College (U.K) in 1983. After working as a jewelry designer in California she attended Escuela de Artes in Mexico working under Maestro Ignacio Gomez. In 2002 she moved to Indonesia where she was controller of Balinese production for the American Jewelry Co. and finally settled in Mexico where she produces her own line of intricate and beautiful sterling silver jewelry.