Mata Ortiz Large Tan & Red Pendant

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  • Metal: Sterling Silver
  • Length: 2.5"
  • Width: 1.5"

Broken shards of Mata Ortiz earthenware are turned into one-of-a-kind works of art by Nahuatl Indian, Agustin Torres Beltran who resides in Taxco, Mexico. The shards are gathered from pots that break during the firing process. Augstin has mastered the technique of forming a .950 silver bezel around each unique piece of pottery.

Mata Ortiz pottery, or Casas Grandes , is one of the finest and most innovative ceramics in the world. Led by Juan Quezada, the entire pueblo of Mata Ortiz creates outstanding handmade, coiled pots or ollas, following centuries-old methods. Inspired by the Paquime, Casas Grandes ceramics, the potters of Mata Ortiz create contemporary works of art, often incorporating Mimbres designs shared by the Southwest, Native American cultures.