Kelim Jewelry is .925 Silver with a fine silver finish. A protectant is applied at the end of the production process, so you will notice that it will take longer to tarnish than other sterling silver jewelry. Due to this special finish the jewelry requires proper cleaning at the first sign of tarnish.

Our first choice for cleaning is this environmentally friendly baking soda recipe. (This recipe is only good when the tarnish has just started.) Wash tarnished jewelry with a mild soap then place on aluminum foil in the bottom of a pot. Add a solution of ¼ cup baking soda, a few teaspoons of salt and 4 cups boiling water. Cover for a few minutes. Rinse and let dry thoroughly.

If this does not remove the tarnish then you can use a quality silver dip. This is more aggressive on the jewelry so please follow the dip instructions carefully. Very important: Once the piece is dipped all residues must be thoroughly wrinsed off and the piece must be completely dried. We recommendusing a hair dryer.