There are several products available for jewelry cleaning. It is important to choose the right one. We do not recommend home cleaners such as toothpaste, ammonia or glass cleaner because they may be too abrasive or leave a residue. There are specially formulated cleaners for gold, silver, pearls and delicate jewelry. You will want to have a variety for all the different types of jewelry you have. We believe a non-abrasive cloth, such as the Sunshine polishing cloth, is essential. Always read and follow directions carefully on the cleaners you purchase to obtain the best results.

Storing your items separately is beneficial. Your jewelry won't get scratched by other pieces. Keeping silver in sealable plastic bags slows the tarnishing process, which is mainly caused by chemical compounds in the air.

Some of our designer jewelry lines require special care. Please follow these links to learn how to care for your Zealandia Jewerly or Kelim Jewelry.

Products available in our Green River stores:

  • Connoisseurs Silver Jewelry Cleaner - For use on sterling silver only.
  • Connoisseurs Delicate Jewelry Cleaner - Safe for semi-precious stones like opal, coral, onyx, turquoise and pearls.
  • Connoisseurs Revitalizing Jewelry Cleaner - Cleans diamonds, precious stones, platinum and gold.
  • Sunshine Polishing Cloth- Brightens silver and gold jewelry. Also safe on copper, brass and bronze.
  • Tarni-Sheild Protectors - A paper like product that helps slow the tarnishing process when stored with jewelry in a sealed bag.