Where it all began; Taxco, Mexico.

24th Mar 2014

Taxco is located in the state of Guerrero about 170km southwest of Mexico City and has been famous for its silver mines since before the arrival of the Spanish in 1519. The modern Spanish town of Taxco was founded by Hernán Cortés in an area previously known as Tetelcingo, because of the abundance of silver.

At the town’s center is the parish of Santa Prisca y San Sebastian which is surrounded by a sea of Spanish, red-tile roofs. The streets are very irregular, ascending and descending quickly. They are also very narrow with most lacking sidewalks. This makes the streets picturesque but dangerous at the same time.

Owner John Goldman first began traveling to Taxco in the early 90’s and it is there that he learned how to buy silver jewelry. In Taxco, generations of young Mexican men have learned the craft of making beautiful objects out of silver from their fathers and they from theirs. Over the years John has had the pleasure of getting to know many of these artists, sitting in their shops and watching them forge and shape blocks of raw silver into beautiful jewelry to bring back to Green River Silver Co. Each piece is not only a representation of the artist that made it but of the work of generations that came before. Here are just a few examples of the silver artistry from Taxco that can be found in all three Green River Silver Co. locations and here on the website!