Celebrate St. Patrick's Day!

5th Mar 2014

Celtic artwork dates back thousands of years ago when the Celts and Pagans dominated most of Ireland and the Scottish highlands. They used different symbols in their artwork to decorate churches which is why many contain religious meaning. The main theme throughout Celtic design is the concept of eternity and the interconnectedness of life. These themes are represented by spirals, geometric shapes, and knots. One of the most popular designs is the three pointed Trinity Knot which is interpreted by the Christian religion to symbolize the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Many of the Celtic symbols found are focused around the number three. In general, this number is used to represent three different interconnected entities. Another common theme in Celtic artwork is the spiral-looking symbol called the Triskele. This symbol represents the cycle of life and the three spheres of influence in the world; the land, the sea and the sky. Throughout history Celtic designs have been interpreted in different ways and one true meaning does not exist.

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